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ayeee it's me


Fifteen year old me would have never thought that this little business, dreamed up in my bedroom, would become my career.

Etched in Time has become the ticket by which I explore the world, make art, and connect with the most genuine people. 

I am forever grateful.

My name is Haleigh, I am an enneagram type 7, just like most wedding photographers. I am happiest when I am outside, barefoot in my mountains, taking pictures of couple's who are obsessed with each other. 

I love Jesus more than anything. His life modeled for me how valuing people makes you a good storyteller.

I want people to step in front of my camera and feel loved and beautiful and have amazing memories attached to their images.


a few of my favorite things:


*barefoot hiking in my mountains  

*camping coffee

*snowboarding in tahoe

*cliff jumping

*passport plane flights 

*in-in-out after a wedding ;)

*anything patagonia

*longboarding in my favorite vans  

*trucker hats

*bible study

*fondue nights with my girls

*exploring caves and gold mines

*backpacking with my crew

*my subaru named tucker

*weight lifting 

*my film camera collection

*tollhouse chocolate chip cookies

*country love songs

*road trips

*scary movies

*bon fire worship nights


what is it like working with me?

I want to be your friend first, storyteller second, and photographer third. I want to expand your idea of adventure and create something that showcases your true beauty and your unique love story. 

I'll get on a plane, train or boat for you (but extra points if it's a helicopter).


On your wedding day I'll cheer you on and bustle your dress and sneak you candy. At your engagement session I'll hike a mountain, play sappy love music and get in a lake or climb a tree if it means I'll get the perfect shot. 

I want you to be excited about showing your future kids how awesome your wedding day was. I want you to feel like YOU and remember that there is no other love story the same as yours.

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