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Big Sur Adventure Elopement

Several month ago I received a phone call from Leslie and the first words out of her mouth were, "Hey, my fiancé and I are from Florida and we want an adventure elopement in CA. You are either going to love how flexible and open we are or hate it... we want you to choose an epic location anywhere from Big Sur to San Fran to Lake Tahoe."

I couldn't help but laugh at the wide variety of options but I immediately replied, "OH I AM SO IN!"

We went into planning mode and decided on Hwy 1, CA's famous coastline.

You seriously cannot go wrong with an adventure in Big Sur.

Leslie and Joey strategically chose February 29th as their big day because they have never been a fan of anniversaries and this is a leap year. How hilarious and amazing is that??

I scouted and scouted to find some amazing private hikes and adventures for their wedding day. It was really important to me that they would be able to have their ceremony in a secluded place where they could have a special moment away from distractions

We hiked all their clothing down the cliffside to a private yet epic rocky beach.

There was an amazing trail around a huge rocky cliff where Leslie put her wedding dress on above the crashing waves.

I wish you could see the views from behind this rocky wall in person. This was absolutely the most insane first look location I've ever photographed.

Moments after the first look we started the ceremony. Leslie and Joey are not fans of a long ceremony and that's the cool part of eloping...your day, your way. Here is their ceremony surrounded by their best friends...

These two were made for each other and it was so amazing to be the one chosen to capture their love.

We hard core adventured for the rest of the day! Leslie didn't let her wedding dress hold her back at all!!

After we explored a ton of coastline we headed down to the sand and these two ran right into the waves their wedding clothes! I love their care free attitude and how they live in the moment.

They ended the day with waves crashing all around them. Here is a slideshow...

Here is an iPhone shot of the three of us celebrating the best day ever.

I can't say enough good things about this whole weekend. I am so thankful for clients who become friends and amazing wedding days.

Thanks for stopping by,

XOXO Haleigh

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