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Lake Tahoe Elopement

I have never seen a plan C be so incredible! Covid-19 canceled Derek and Elle's dream wedding so we decided to move their wedding date up and escape to the mountains for an adventure elopement.

The week leading up to their elopement was extremely hot but on Saturday morning a massive alpine storm rolled in right on top of the mountain where we were supposed to have their ceremony.

We kicked it into high gear and planned a last minute location change on the opposite side of Tahoe where we thought we would be safe from the storm.

The morning of the wedding as we were talking on the phone about what to do Derek said, "If it was good enough for Jim and Pam to have rain on their wedding day at Niagara Falls it's good enough for us." As if I couldn't love these adventurous, low-key, genuine, Office loving people more, they once again make a tough situation into something beautiful.

Their day was nothing short of perfect...

We decided to have the first look on the cliffs by the trail to their ceremony location.

Then we hiked down to the most magical hidden spot in Tahoe and the sun was miraculously shining bright for their ceremony.

I cried as I watched these two dance to their favorite song on the shoreline after making promises for forever.

After the ceremony we popped a bottle of champagne and celebrated this marriage just before the storm made it's way over to our side of the lake.

We snapped some epic shots as the storm clouds rolled in and then hiked back in the rain.

I mean are you kidding me??? How perfect are they??

These two were made for each other and I will be forever grateful to be their photographer and friend. I just want to do it all over again <3

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