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Adventure Weddings


This new trend of saying your "I do's" in front of a waterfall in Iceland or after backpacking through Patagonia is kinda my favorite thing ever.

It's the idea of having an unforgettable experience in an incredible place. It's saying no to the norm and having the freedom to do your wedding your way. It's getting married where no one else has ever been married before and having a day without rules.

Sometimes it takes a plane, hiking boots, a boat, a backpack, and a ski lift. Sometimes your dress get's dirty and you end up barefoot. It's definitely not for everyone! But those who have done it say it was the best decision ever.

You can have it be just you, your groom, and the pastor. Or your whole fam and all your friends. Maybe just your dog or your horse. That's the do whatever you want!

Maybe you have a church wedding and then a month later you put your wedding clothes back on and have an adventure of a lifetime. Maybe you have 100 people hike to your ceremony. Maybe you get married at sunrise on the edge of a cliff.

Here's the something you love. Be creative. Be you.

Throwing it back a bit to share some inspiration from my amazing couples who had some epic weddings.

Thanks for stopping by

Send me a message if you want an adventure wedding or if you want to put your wedding clothes back on and make some magic!


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