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Maui Adventures

It was a 3am wake up call to board a plane for tropical paradise in January (you better believe I was ready). Sam and Mason have have been long time friends of mine. I shot their incredible wedding in Tahoe a few years back and then their baby bump a few years later and now their cutest little dude ever! When they told me they wanted a session in Maui I screamed out loud! I knew it would be so epic and I couldn't wait to explore the island with them.

I'm obsessed when my clients are down to get wet and sandy, be barefoot, hike, and explore! Traveling for work is my favorite. It makes me step out of my comfort zone, shoot at different times of day in different climates and in new locations. It stretches me as an artist and traveler. I location scouted for two days for this shoot trying to find Maui's unique and less populated locations. I can wait for the next adventure and I hope it takes a plane to get there ;)

Jeeps, pineapples, shaved ice, salty air, jungles, banana bread, sunsets, turtles, volcanos

Thanks for stopping by! If you want a Hawaii adventure session send me a message for details


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